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When Ackroo approached us to work on a ground up rebrand they had a huge task ahead of them. Time was short, renaming of the business had just gotten under way, and they needed a logo and identity system, a web site and complete corporate identity package. Oh – and did we mention that was all ‘times two’? In addition to their loyalty rewards program platform for small- to medium sized business, Ackroo already had a thriving automotive rewards business –  DealerCard – that needed to remain distinct within the corporate umbrella.

So, while the team at Ackroo got busy nailing down their new name, Pivot Point built a detailed critical path that would assure everything got done on time, and lined up key resources from our partners that would be needed to pull it all off. The overall solution had to represent Ackroo’s solid business foundation, friendly and energetic people, and a product that would easily and affordably increase their clients’ bottom line. This came in the form of a fresh corporate logo, and a creative, yet efficient, derivative identity system.

Since the new brand identity and websites launched last May, Ackroo has grown substantially, enjoying an influx of new business and investment. The new brand has had direct positive impact helping to increase the size and engagement of this exciting company, as well as receiving accolades from investors regarding the image transformation.