• Larus Technologies logo
  • Larus Technologies trade show booth
  • Larus Technologies trade show booth
  • Larus business cards and data sheet
  • Larus Technologies PowerPoint Presentation Template

Founded in 1995, Ottawa-based Larus Technologies pioneered the high-level information fusion engine in use by many defence contractors and system integrators today.

Fast-forward to 2013. Larus was ready to bring innovative new products to market, and needed a presence that better reflected core company values – heightening awareness as trusted advisor and thought leader in the field – while capitalizing on the equity of the existing name and logo.

Larus’ acute marketing communications team recognized this as an opportunity to revitalize the Larus brand with a fresh logo, and bring a new, cohesive visual identity system to life, so they came to Pivot Point for help.

The process started with Pivot Point learning about the company – their values, markets, where they had been and where they wanted to go. Equipped with a healthy understanding of Larus, Pivot Point developed what was soon to become a fresh new logo and brand identity with strong ties to Larus’ roots.

Once the logo was complete, we created core elements of a visual language that could be used to develop future corporate and marketing communications for Larus while ensuring a consistent, branded look in everything they do.

The visual language was then put into action as business cards, brochures, presentation templates and a trade show booth were created, letting Larus hit the ground running with their fresh look!