• QNX Software Development Platform packaging
  • QNX Software packaging, media and documentation

When the time came to release a new version of QNX’s Software Development Platform they had a real challenge. The marketplace still had requirements for physical product packaging and documentation in many parts of the world, but the traditional ‘brick’ sized software and box was large, expensive to ship, and just looked, well – dated.

The solution came in the form of a custom designed CD box that could house three user guides, two discs, licensing agreements and release notes – in a compact, eco-friendly box. An intensive user manual was reduced to a simple-to-use “Quick Start Guide”, with users being directed to online documentation for more detailed and up-to-date content.

A specialized printing process was used to give the inks an iridescent, 3D appearance.
The result? An enriched customer experience and brand perception with packaging that reflected the premium product inside. At the same time, production costs were reduced by forty percent, and inventory storage requirements by ninety percent!